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  • 4005652847740 - Diabolo Fury Fly 5/6, fluestang - Længde:255cm. - Vægt:105g. - 001 1052 255<br>Diabolo Fury...real gems that pack a fiery punch! With the 11th version (!) of our Diabolo rods, we have completely redesigned our long-running favourite – taking it to a whole new level, both technically and visually. The KWX carbon with golden metal threads – so popular with the previous series – has been completely redesigned and harmonises bombastically with the glossy black lacquered blanks and reel seats. These are real gems that are normally only found on much more expensive rods. For the telerods we use completely redesigned reel seats that not only look good – but also feature a very ergonomic shape and fit extremely well in the hand. In addition to the tried and tested models, we have expanded the new series with new rods and additional lengths. Everyone will find “their” rod here – from eel to zander! 

FEATURES: IM-7 high-density carbon fibre with KWX carbon, Considerably more smooth and compact actions, Slender Titanium SIC guides, Cork handles* (* with a few exceptions), Precision put-in connections, Reel seat made from stainless steel/nylon ABS. 

Great general purpose fly rod, excellently suited to both sensitive dry fly fishing and to fishing with nymphs and small streamers. With SIC bottom and top guides as well as a cigar hand
Beskrivelse:Diabolo Fury Fly 5/6, fluestang - Længde:255cm. - Vægt:105g. - 001 1052 255
Lagerantal:Ikke på lager